Is it Safe?

Is Crystal Healing and Spiritual Healing safe?

The answer to this question is of course yes, provided that you take sensible precautions.

rose quartz ballYou should always check that a Crystal Healing Therapist is fully qualified. By this I mean that they have undertaken a Crystal Healing Practitioners course, usually over a period of two years. The course should be approved by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations or the Crystal and Healing Federation. These are the two umbrella organisations in the UK which set a code of practice and high standards of training and practice in Crystal Healing Therapy. You should ask to see the Crystal Healing Therapist’s qualifications.

Spiritual Healers should have a qualification from a Healing Organisation such as The Healing Trust which is a two year course.

Healing space  should comply with health and safety standards. Talk to the Crystal Healing Therapist or Spiritual Healer to see if they are right for you! Healing Therapists or any other Complementary Therapist should never pressurise you into having treatments, or suggest that Crystal Healing  Spiritual Healing is a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

All practicing Therapists should be fully insured.