What Happens in a Spiritual Healing Session

At Crystalpaths I aim to ensure that you are comfortable and secure during your Spiritual Healing session. Unlike Crystal Healing  I do not need a  detailed consultation about your condition or concern, however I will ask if you are receiving medical treatment and ask you to continue with that, or to consult a doctor if you are ill. Spiritual Healing is a universal energy and goes where it is needed regardless of the condition it helps. I will ask you if you prefer healing sitting on a chair or if you would prefer to lie down on a couch. You remain fully clothed.  You may like to listen to some soothing music.

When when you are comfortable and relaxed I will begin. This involves my  tuning in to the energy and preparing to channel. I will ask your permission to lightly touch your shoulders and later your feet to ground you. I will also touch your shoulder to let you know when the session has finished.

I will then raise my hands and move them above various areas of the body starting with the head and the chakra points. Then arms and legs. Finally the feet. Some healers are hands on to the body. If I feel any areas of discomfort I will spend a longer time there. You may feel warmth or tingling or see colours. You may experience nothing, all of these are fine. Generally people feel very relaxed after a session.

When the session has finished I will ask you to take your time coming around and have some water. Generally people want to talk about their experience or other matters, so there is plenty of time to do that and to assess how things have gone.
the session usually takes around 30minutes but can be up to an hour.