Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a holistic form of healing where the healer acts as a channel for universal energy to be passed to the recipient, enabling them to recover from disease and difficulties by accessing  their own natural healing energies.

Energy is channelled through the healer’s hands.  Healers work closely to the body.  Some healers may touch the client lightly.  There are a number of positions in which the hands are placed or hover. Several of these correspond to the chakra centres of the body.

As with Crystal Healing Spiritual Healing can help with many conditions both physical and mental and works at a subtle and deep level and sometimes in an unexpected way. You may not notice any change for a few days, or you could experience benefit straight away. You may experience an emotional release. Everyone is different.

Spiritual Healing is about restoring balance and  well being into your life, coping with illness and other problems. It can be very helpful if you have a major crisis in your life.
If you are well it also helps to maintain general emotional well being optimism and strength.

One session of healing can be enough to help but generally a number of sessions are needed to enable you to relax and experience the full benefit of this lovely healing energy.